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Monday, October 26, 2020

Trump rips Biden at rally for covering up plastic surgery with mask

President Trump on Tuesday mocked Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden for allegedly getting plastic surgery — and then covering it up with a mask at a campaign rally in Pittsburgh.

“I mean, honestly, what the hell did he spend all that money on the plastic surgery [for] if he is going to cover it up?” Trump jeered.

“Seriously — the whole deal!” he said of Biden’s alleged makeover.

Trump rarely wears masks in public amid the COVID-19 pandemic and many tightly clustered supporters chose not to do so either at the rally.

Spokespeople for Biden, 77, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Experts attribute Biden’s “full head of hair, smooth forehead, and Cheshire Cat grin” to medical intervention, pointing to his hairline and disappeared wrinkles.

One expert told The Post that Biden appears to have received a lateral brow/eyelid lift, among other procedures, including Botox injections.

Trump, who allegedly underwent his own cosmetic procedure — scalp reduction surgery in 1989 —  offered the jab at Biden while ridiculing his persistent mask use.

“He comes up with a mask. He’s like 100 yards from the nearest human being,” Trump said.

“I wonder in the debate. It will be him and I on the stage. Is he going to walk in with a mask? … The question is, will he leave it on during the debate?”

“I’m all for masks when you need them,” the president told the crowd.

“But when you’re making a speech and the nearest person’s like where you are and you’re on a stage all by yourself? And then he had a habit of taking it off and it hangs down on his ear when he’s speaking. He feels comfortable. It makes him feel comfortable.”

Trump previously hit Biden’s mask use as unmanly.

“I’ve never seen a man that liked a mask,” Trump said at a rally this month in nearby Latrobe, Pa. “Look, I’m all for it… wear your mask when you close together in particular and wash your hands and all those things, we have Labor Day weekend coming up. But did you ever see a man that likes a mask as much as him?”

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