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Monday, January 18, 2021

Trump’s former personal physician, who drew attention during campaign, dies

President Trump’s former personal doctor, Harold Bornstein, who once declared Trump “the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency,” has died at 73.

Bornstein died Jan. 8, and a paid death notice was included in the New York Times on Thursday. Bornstein served as the president’s physician from 1980 until after Trump reached the White House in 2016.

Bornstein, who sported a distinctive look featuring shoulder-length hair, briefly entered the limelight after Trump began questioning his former political opponent Hillary Clinton’s stamina and fitness for office. As those questions were returned to him, Trump released a glowing 2015 medical report signed by Bornstein, leading the media to pay attention to the longtime doctor.


The report called Trump’s health “perfection,” said his stamina was “extraordinary,” and described his blood pressure and lab tests as “astonishingly excellent.” The doctor signed off by adding, “If elected, Mr. Trump, I can state unequivocally, will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.” Bornstein later said in 2018 that it was actually Trump who wrote the health report.

While Bornstein was reportedly gunning for the White House physician job, he never received it, allegedly because he revealed to the media that Trump was taking the prescription drug Finasteride, which is for prostate-related issues but is also used to treat male pattern baldness. Bornstein credited the drug for his own substantial locks of hair.

Bornstein was married three times and is survived by his wife and five children, two of whom took up the family career and became medical doctors.

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