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Thursday, January 28, 2021

Twitter Ban Means Trump’s Call For Supporters To Be Peaceful Goes Unheard

Twitter’s permanent ban of President Donald Trump implemented last week has blocked the president from encouraging supporters to remain peaceful on the very platform federal authorities say pro-Trump demonstrators used to coordinate last week’s attacks.

“In light of reports of more demonstrations, I urge that there must be NO violence, NO lawbreaking and NO vandalism of any kind,” Trump said through a White House statement as the FBI warns of more armed protests nationwide next week. “That is not what I stand for, and it is not what America stands for. I call on ALL Americans to help ease tensions and calm tempers.”

The president himself can’t publish the message on Facebook or Instagram either. Both Facebook and Twitter, however, were used as platforms by right-wing extremists to plot last week’s attacks.

According to BuzzFeed, a Facebook group called “Red State Secession” harbored 8,000 members, guiding them to D.C. with travel routes and encouraging them with memes to amplify online.

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The Associated Press reported Wednesday that the FBI warned D.C. law enforcement agencies of potential riots weeks before they occurred, citing activity on Twitter. Apple, Google, and Amazon, however, have turned their attention to Parler as the culprit of fomenting political violence among right-wing extremists, de-platforming the free-speech alternative. Apple and Google banned Parler from their app stores while Amazon terminated its use of Amazon’s web hosting service in an evidently colluded big tech purge.

Meanwhile, Trump is powerless to issue a direct call to his supporters who sacked the Capitol on the very platforms that fostered their coordination.

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