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Monday, August 3, 2020

Video shows racist woman using N-word in sidewalk confrontation

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Disturbing online footage shows a white woman repeatedly using the N-word during a heated confrontation on a street corner in North Carolina.

“N—-r,” the angry woman shouts as she flips the bird and yells, “Touch me, n—-r. You’ll go to jail. Touch me, bitch,” according to the now-viral footage posted to Instagram by Aisha Abdus-Sabur.

Abdus-Sabur, 29, who is black, told The Post Monday that she was walking to a birthday dinner on a sidewalk with a group, including her boyfriend and his brother – who are also both black – on Saturday in Asheville, NC when the shocking racist rant began.

The woman started “screaming” at Abdus-Sabur repeatedly saying, “Excuse me n—-r,” before her boyfriend’s brother began to record the encounter on his cellphone, she said.

“As you can see in the first few seconds of the film, she says to me ‘touch me, n—-r, you’ll go to jail,’ trying to provoke violence and weaponize the police department and the justice system against me,” Abdus-Sabur said.

In a caption on the social media post, Abdus-Sabur wrote, “This is the deep-seeded racism that still exists to this day.”

Following the hateful interaction, the bigoted woman was confronted by two white women who had been out in the area protesting police brutality and systematic racism, Abdus-Sabur said.

“F—k you, n—-r,” the woman says to one of the protesters who got up close to her and told her to “f—king move,” the clip shows.

“Touch me, n—-r,” the woman continues to say to the protester.

Another protester then stepped in and told the hateful woman to “get the f—k outta here,” as the racist woman repeatedly shouted the N-word and got in the faces of the two women, according to the footage.

“I am grateful to the protesters who stepped in, but I want people to know that this was a woman who was upset by the presence of black and brown people,” said Abdus-Sabur, who is from Charlotte, NC. “That rage came from nothing else besides racism and hate.”

Abdus-Sabur said that when she was initially confronted by the woman, “I was enraged.”

“I had to think about so many things in a spilt second,” she said. “Thankfully I was with a level-headed group who held [and] talked me down.”

Abdus-Sabur said that she filed a police report against the woman with the Asheville Police Department.

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