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Saturday, August 8, 2020

Vox shows its opposition to ‘justice and open debate’

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Signing that “Letter on Justice and Open Debate” looks to have gotten one fairly prominent left-wing writer muzzled — proving the point of the letter.

As Kelly Jane Torrance noted in Thursday’s Post, the letter calls for an end to the “intolerance of opposing views” and “vogue for public shaming” now growing on the left. The lefty lashback included an attack from a Vox colleague on Matt Yglesias, a perfectly progressive writer for the site.

The complaints were absurd — such as a puzzling claim that the letter contains “many dog whistles towards anti-trans positions” — and surrounded by “please don’t throw in him that briar patch” disavowals of any intent to get him fired.

Yet Vox higherups evidently cracked down anyway. Yglesias’ boss, Ezra Klein, tweeted at him the next day: “A lot of debates that sell themselves as being about free speech are actually about power. And there’s *a lot* of power in being able to claim, and hold, the mantle of free speech defender.”

Soon after, Iglesias declined to engage in further discussion of these issues, announcing, “I have committed to not doing contentious stuff on Twitter anymore.”

Count Vox as being against “Justice and Open Debate.”

Read More at NYPost

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