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‘We Cannot Let Evil Back Into the White House’

HARRISBURG, Pa.—Wendy Dominski, from upstate New York, traveled to Pennsylvania to join protests against election fraud, because it is a battleground state where evidence of fraud has come out, and she will be in Georgia next week where the president announced he will attend a rally.

“Freedom is at stake right now, like hugely, and I am here to fight for my grandchildren’s future, and for their children, and on and on, and for your children, and it’s just very important to me,” Dominski said at a Stop the Steal rally in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on Nov. 28, 2020. Thousands have been protesting against election fraud every Saturday since Election Day.

Dominski supports President Donald Trump, and especially what he’s done for religious freedom.

“President Trump brought the Lord back into schools for our kids, he brought the Lord back into the White House. He speaks openly about Jesus Christ,” Dominski said. “That’s what needs to happen and we cannot let that happen.”

“This is God’s country, we are one nation under God. This is not the Democrats’ country, this is God’s country, whether you are Republican, Democrat, God loves us all. And as soon as the hate stops and their eyes open they will realize that,” she said.

Despite mounting evidence of fraud, and vocal support in the streets for the president, the media has been telling a different story and Dominski says social media is part of it too. She was a member of several Facebook groups, including Truckers for Trump, and says so many of them have been shut down.

“They’re just gone now,” she said. “And I don’t know where my friends went. They’re my friends, and we made a bond, and we believe in the same things and they’re [Big Tech] trying to stop that. We will find a way.”

“The fact of the matter with the media is they’re all entangled together,” she said. “They are hiding the truth from the American people, or I should say, they are trying to hide it.”

“If the media wants to lie, we will move to somewhere else,” she said. “It is not their right to call who is president.”

“It hasn’t happened yet, it’s in December!” she added.

Dominski believes Trump will ultimately win re-election.

“Absolutely, he was born for this, he’s a fighter,” she said, comparing him to David. “He is a fighter and he will prevail, and God will have the victory.”

“I think it’s a spiritual warfare, I think it’s God against Satan itself and we Christians need to fight this in public,” she said.

“We cannot let evil to get back into the White House,” she said.


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