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Sunday, February 28, 2021

We didn’t need Merrick Garland to tell us that Democrats are opening the southern border

Right-wingers on Twitter saw a scandal when President Biden’s pick for attorney general, Merrick Garland, um’d and uh’d his way through an answer after being asked if he believed that illegally crossing into the U.S. should remain a crime.

Garland said he “hadn’t thought about it,” but what he personally believes is irrelevant anyway. The Democratic Party’s position, as has been proven time and time again over the past five years, is there are no borders. Or, in the event that they profess to believe in a border, they certainly don’t believe it should serve as an impediment to the world’s destitute pushing their way in.

It’s not Garland who will call shots at the border. It’s Biden, and though he’s receiving cover from a national media just happy to see former President Donald Trump is no longer in office, he’s perfectly in sync with his party.

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Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez last week put out an immigration bill that’s backed by the White House. It further erodes whatever sense of a border we have now. It would legalize the 11-plus million illegal immigrants currently residing in the U.S. and then give them a path to citizenship (which means Democrats get a bunch of new voters). It would increase the number of resident visas we hand out to every foreigner. It would invite more asylum seekers and refugees coming from each of the broken states in Central America. And, as a sweetener, it would dump $4 billion into the economies of Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.

The New York Times on Monday said the Menendez Bill “would also take steps to secure the country’s borders and ports of entry” but that’s a lie. Of course it wouldn’t. Menendez himself was asked on NPR about any additional security measures the bill would put in place and the one thing he could identify was the always-promised and always vague “technology” that would help find drugs at legal entry ports.

Right, but what about the convicted child molesters, gang members and human traffickers who cross the Rio Grande into Texas by the hundreds each year? Two-thirds of Americans would like to see immigration levels either remain at what they are now or drop, according to Gallup. What about those who have seen their personal finances decimated by the pandemic lockdowns? Well, they’ll have to wait. There are foreigners in Central America who need $4 billion!

It’s not clear that Republicans are going to be of any help on this. South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham co-sponsored an immigration bill recently that would grant citizenship to a 1-plus million illegal immigrants known as “dreamers” and do nothing else.

Democrats have long been advocates of open borders. We didn’t need Merrick Garland to prove that for us.

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