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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

When will Joe Biden have the guts to leave his basement?

This is not an original sentiment, but it bears emphasis: It is beyond contempt for the putative presidential nominee of a major party to hide in his basement rather than engaging the electorate with ideas and attempts at persuasion.

Joe Biden, the Democratic nominee in waiting, is proving himself unfit for office.

When Biden does take the rare step of making remarks or doing carefully chosen interviews, he makes gaffe after gaffe after gaffe. When observing violent radicals burning down parts of our cities, he offers only the most anodyne statements in favor of following the law. When neither side of the coronavirus-relief battle will budge more than a few centimeters, he remains silent rather than urging and suggesting some means of forming consensus.

Meanwhile, the media never have adequately questioned him on relevant questions of ethics. Even during the Democratic primary battles, for example, he never was pressed on why he thought it reasonable to take his adult son to China on Air Force Two as his son sought lucrative business deals in that communist nation. They have yet to pursue adequately questions of ethics, if not legality, of why he did not relinquish the Obama administration’s portfolio on Ukraine when that same son took a lucrative board position at a company doing business in Ukraine, even though his son had no relevant expertise for the position.

Biden criticizes President Trump’s handling of the entire panoply of issues related to the coronavirus response, but he has yet to offer many specifics of what he would do differently. Nor has he said much about whether he thinks that, even apart from the violence in the streets, the extreme race consciousness of public discourse is moving in the right direction. Does he agree that the entire nation is guilty of institutional racism? Are white people inherently racist? Is the colorblindness advocated by Martin Luther King Jr. still desirable, or is it actually a contributor to race-based unfairness?

We don’t really know what he thinks because he and his handlers are too frightened of what he might say, how he might mumble, or the degree to which he might embarrass himself.

If Biden keeps acting with such abject cowardice, he has no business anywhere near the Oval Office. Right now, Biden is a disgrace.

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