“Your Comments Are DISGUSTING!” – Former Border Patrol Chief Tom Homan EXPLODES at Hearing — Goes Off on Unhinged Democrat (VIDEO)

The Democrats held a hearing on Friday to blame US Border Patrol and President Trump for the absolute chaos on the southern border.

Democrats opened the hearing with a panel of far left representatives who demanded that unlawful aliens be launched within the nation immediately after they cross the border and declare asylum.

Then the Property Democrats took turns attacking Border Patrol agents.
For months Democrats claimed the record border crossings was a produced crisis.
Now they are attacking US Border Patrol for not getting sufficient assets. Congress is accountable to supply assets but they refuse to do their task.

The Democrats took turns attacking former ICE Director Tom Homan. Rep. Garcia was especially vile with his attacks on Homan. Have we not discovered from the internment of Japanese Americans?… Do you not care? Is it due to the fact these youngsters do not seem like youngsters that are all around you? I really do not get it. Have you ever held a deceased youngster in your arms?

Rep. Garcia: Do you realize that the consequences of separation will be existence prolonged trauma and carried across generations.

Tom Homan: Very first of all your feedback are disgusting!

Rep. Garcia: I discover your feedback disgusting!

Tom Homan: I’ve served my nation 34 many years. And yes, I held a five-12 months-outdated boy in my arms. I knelt down beside him and stated a prayer for him. Since I knew what the final 30 minutes of his existence was like. And I had a five-12 months-outdated son at the time. What I’ve been striving to do for 34 many years is to conserve lives. So for you to sit there and insult my integrity and my adore for my nation and for youngsters, that is why this entire factor requires to be fixed. And you are a member right here. Repair IT!

Homan was appropriate.
These Democrats are certainly disgusting.

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